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“The term “nerds” originated back when assigning names to certain groups was the best approach to simplify choosing the attitude in which one is to deal with such groups.” —— Social Tactics 101.

Now we just added a touch of clarification to that term, to again simplify the choice you need to make when deciding who to ask when requiring an intelligent solution.


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CCTV and Surveillance camera systems in Dubai, UAE Have all corners of your house covered with multiple conditions camera types, able to control and streamed directly to your hands. Control the position of your camera from your couch with PTZ feature, panning tilting and zooming a camera of choice. Record 24/7 of footage to your hard disc and access it locally or remotely while you are outside the country and want to check on your house. Use your phone or tablet to monitor all your cameras locally or remotely.

What We Enjoy Doing.

  • Smart Gadgets
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Communities
  • LaunchPort - wireless iPad charger iPort - Canada

    LaunchPort has two parts, a Sleeve and a Station. The Sleeve wraps around your iPad, protects it, and provides an interface to mount your iPad to a Station. The Station gives you a spot to mount your iPad, rotate in portrait or landscape, all the while keeping your iPad charged. 

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    SONOS - Wireless Music streaming and multi-zone distribution USA

    Sonos is a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Play what you want in every room over a dedicated wireless network.

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    Bitwise USA

    Using your mobile or tablet device as one generic remote control for all entertainment needs.
    BitWise Controls creates control products and software designed to control residential and commercial integrated systems. With custom user interfaces running on devices like Apple’s iPad & iPhone, as well as Android tablets and handsets..

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  • Providing the ultimate solution to controlling the whole house, from one place, one device.
    Have your house become an entity that you react with rather than just live in.
    Let Witty take care of everyday simple details while you focus on aspiring.

  • 1.

    While some problems are obvious, some remain unnoticed by a stranger to the domain of complex interactions environments. Witty studies the community requesting the upgrade to smart and provides insight on any issue that could interrupt the stress-less way of life, and then works out how to prevent that interruption.


    Simply put, we come up with the solutions by breaking down the details and brainstorming at each level. So whether it is an education system, corporation headquarters or residential compound, we can find the answer to every aspect required to achieve the solution needed.


    We enjoy implementing our solutions and care to see them grow & accomplish, that’s why we will always be back to check up on how they are doing.

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